It's not about sex. It's about Self - Selected Sexuality Writings of Eric Francis

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This website is a portal to my nonfiction sexuality writings. There are many archives that exist; this is (mostly, with one exception) a selection of individual articles. Most will take you offsite and will open in a new window.

The series, It's Not About Sex, It's About Self is archived here. This is a six part series that explores sexuality, borrowing a reference frame from astrology. You don't need to know any astrology to appreciate this series; it's all explained, and there are no technical concepts used. This magnificently illustrated website -- really, a short book -- has something for everyone.

Planet Waves
Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue - New York.
One of my earliest articles on the 'net is Coming to the Revolution. It originally appeared on the website of Rob Brezsny.

I wrote a more evolved masturbation manifesto for The Journal of Bisexuality in 2003. That article is called Masturbation as the Future of Sex. It's presented as a PDF. It's written in a more academic style than you're used to reading from me -- it's for a scholarly journal.

One of my favorite articles (ever) is called Cunnilingus and Clover. While I was a presenter at an herbal conference, I offered a kind of vigilante sex workshop that packed the Shady Grove with listeners and particpants. I even met a very nice young lady and a few weeks later we had the most awesome cunnilingus date.

So far I haven't mentioned the word 'compersion'. My most recent writing on that topic is covered above in the "It's Not About Sex" series. I recently gave a keynote presentation at the Loving More retreat where I look at the topic in a much wider context. The talk, lasting one hour (including the Q and A at the end) is called Community and Compersion. I also have some older writing available.

This is an article called A Crazy Little Thing Called Compersion. It describes what you might find if you use jealousy as a teaching and learning process -- where you might emerge on the other side. This link, Crazy Little Letters, is a collection of responses from Planet Waves readers at the time.

If you like astrology you will love this article, on the the sexual meanings of the astrological houses. This article looks at all 12 houses and describes their implications for understanding sexuality.

From around the same time, this article describes what it's like to write about sexuality, and some of what I encounter when I do.

In 2010, I gave an interview to a writer named Madame Arcati, who asked some insightful questions about my sexual theories. That interview is reprinted here.

For a while I was a writer for the website Here is an archive of my contributions to that site. There are some fun selections here, including How to Be Your Own Lover (yet another masturbation manifesto) and Mixed Emotions (an article on threesomes). One outtake piece from that series is For the Love of Money.

Here is a detailed description of our project called Inner Goddes and the Inner Gaze.

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